Ford Focus ST (2015) Mountune kit confirmed

Published: 05 October 2015

► Official Mountune upgrade for 2015 Focus ST
► Adds 24bhp and 41lb ft for less than £1200
► Doesn’t void factory warranty. Woohoo

Like torque-steer? Then good news! Ford has announced a Mountune kit for the latest version of the petrol Focus ST.

Hold on, wasn’t there a Focus ST Mountune already?

Er, yes.  But this is Ford’s confirmation that the same upgrade is now available for the post-facelift Focus ST, which arrived at the beginning of the year.

And when we say ‘the same’ we mean exactly that – the new Focus ST Mountune kit provides an identical upgrade to the one that went before.

So how much power do you get if you Mountune your Focus ST, then?

A box-fresh Focus ST produces 247bhp; with the Mountune kit this rises to 271bhp – an increase of around 10%, peaking at 5500rpm.

What’s more – and this is where the torque-steer issue really raises its head – the accompanying twist is boosted from 254lb ft to 295lb. Which matches the muscle of the tractionally challenged Focus ST Diesel, albeit at a higher 2750rpm.

Ford hasn’t offered up any official performance claims, but last time around the Focus ST Mountune was said to shrug off 0-62mph in under 6.0sec; the standard car requires 6.5sec or more.

What’s in the Ford Focus ST Mountune kit, and how much does it cost?

The kit consists of a large-capacity alloy intercooler, ‘low-loss’ crossover duct with silicone hose attachment, high-flow dual-entry air filter and ecu remap. Which is pretty good value for £1195 plus fitting (around two hours’ labour).

And as before, if you get the work done at your local Ford dealer, the Mountune upgrade doesn’t void the factory warranty. Happy days. Although this won’t help you make the front tyres last longer…

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By CJ Hubbard

Former CAR magazine associate editor, road tester, organiser, extremely variable average wheel count