The hottest new cars of 2017 revealed

Published: 27 December 2016

► CAR's preview of 2017's new models
► We look at the major new launches
► From EVs to SUVs - they're all here

It looks like 2017's shaping up to be a strong year for new cars - with something for everyone, from major new supermini launches to scintillating supercars and electric crossover pioneers for those with deeper pockets.

Here CAR magazine guides you through the highlights. We've helpfully categorised them by vehicle type.

So browse through the best new cars of 2017 in our listings and click on the links below to read the full lowdown on the most important new models.

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Rule-breakers coming in 2017

Jaguar I-Pace

2017 will bring a hefty dose of innovation, as car makers scramble to keep up with the blistering pace of change in the auto industry. From hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles to the first all-electric Jaguar, there's never been a more interesting - or confusing - time to pick your next car...

Honda FCV Clarity  You'd better believe it. You can buy a hydrogen fuel-cell Honda from the summer
Jaguar I-Pace  Just a year after the concept's LA show debut, Jag should unveil its real electric crossover in late 2017
Kia GT  A Korean hot hatch? That can accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.1sec? The new GT coupe is all of those things...
Lexus LS  Whatever next? A Lexus that's fun to drive? New LS shares LC's fun platform to shake up exec sector
Tesla Model X  Gullwinged crossover finally lands in UK in spring 2017 - though cheaper Model 3 unlikely this year

The best new small cars and hatchbacks of 2017

Ford Fiesta 2017

As our cities and towns get busier than ever, no wonder manufacturers are spending more and more time producing teeny tots capable of pampering in town and excelling on the open road. This year will see a flurry of clever-clogs minis - and a smattering of larger hatchbacks too. But will anyone still want one, as the world continues to switch to crossovers?

Ford Fiesta  How to replace a runaway smash hit like Fiesta? With a gently remodelled remake - plus a host of new trims
Honda Civic  They've gone and made Civic X more competitive to drive, while wedgy style makes a comeback
Hyundai i30  Koreans go from strength to strength. There'll even be an N-badged Golf GTI botherer
Nissan Micra  The pendulum of Nissan schizophrenia swings back to wildly interesting and trend-setting for 2017 mini
Renault Zoe  Boosted EV range gives baby e-Renault a proper dose of real-world appeal
Skoda Octavia  A slice, dice and nice facelift for the 2017 Octavia. A dash of Skodiaq style for family car
Suzuki Swift  All new Japanese supermini arrives in fourth generation; expect to see in UK by summer
Volvo V40  All change for Volvo's smallest model - with Chinese Geely platform and wedgy new style in the autumn
VW Golf  Here in January - with lashings of new tech, perkier engines and the gentles of facelifts in Mk7.5 form

New off-roaders, crossovers and SUVs coming in 2017

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

It's no surprise the crossover sector will receive more debutants than most: the public has an instatiable thirst for taller crossovers and sportier SUVs. Which is why you'll find plenty of newcomers in our list below - with manufacturers from Alfa Romeo and Ford, Land Rover to Seat, launching all-new, incremental 4x4s. But do any of them genuinely innovate? Or is it just a question of pump up the ride height and watch the queues form in showrooms?

Alfa Romeo Stelvio (above)  The Giulia hardware has been stretched and rolled to create a mid-sized SUV 
Audi Q5  The second-gen Q5 is an evolutionary affair: polished looks, new low CO2 engines and tech galore
Ford Fiesta Active  Even the evergreen Fiesta has spawned a soft-roader look with toughened-up due in summer
Land Rover Discovery  New Disco takes a leaf from Range Rover's manual - but proper mud-slinger still
MG small SUV  Due late in 2017 is the second SUV from MG - a Chinese-produced sibling to GS
Mini Countryman  Honey, I super-sized the Mini crossover: bigger, roomier, bloatier Mini 4x4
Mitsubishi ASX  New mid-sized SUV from Mitsu pitches it into most popular crossover set
Nissan Juke  Japanese plan to replace the trendy Juke in late '17
Peugeot 5008  Old MPV look is out - newly butched-up SUV style is in for spring 2017 debutant
Range Rover Sport Coupe  New sportier Range Sport plugs gap betwixt Evoque and RRS
Seat Arona  A little brother to the Ateca is coming at the end of the year
Skoda Kodiaq  Already on sale, but full dealer launch in 2017
Suzuki Ignis  Junior crossover style in an affordable package; flawed, but fun 

Sports cars arriving in 2017

Alpine sports car

Are SUVs usurping sports cars? Probably, judging by the size of this list compared with others. Core athletic brands such as Porsche will continue to crank out blistering coupes and convertibles, but the number of sporting icons coming in 2017 may be a little down on previous years. Mind you, nobody told Alpine, back from the dead after three decades...

Alpine sports car  A French rival to the Porsche 718 Cayman and Alfa 4C is due in 2017
Honda Civic Type R  
Lairy 300bhp punch joins new Civic range: still wild, surprisingly extreme
Lexus LC  
A Lexus that'll thrill as well as pamper? You'd better believe it... We've driven prototype
Mazda MX-5 RF  New coupe style for folding tin-top roadster adds broader appeal to MX-5 range 

Family cars and executives due on sale this year

The new 2017 BMW 5-series

If you want to waft in comfort by day, and charge home on a deserted B-road by night, this bunch of execs and load-luggers could be just the ticket. 2017 will usher in a range of new saloons and wagons - proving that some buyers still prefer the traditional bodystyles ahead of those jumped-up crossovers. Plus ça change!

Audi A8  New aluminium techfest due in autumn 2017 packs the latest autonomous tech and more
BMW 5-series  A stepchange in the executive class, we suspect, judging by our first drive
Jaguar XF Sportbrake  The estate version of the XF returns in 2017. Wagons ahoy!
Porsche Panamera  Slicker, Mk2 Pan-am brings tech galore and a prettier face
Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport  Giant increase in the 'Sig's footprint, with extra tech toys too

Which newcomer of 2017 are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet