New Genesis G90: flagship luxury saloon revealed

Published: 14 December 2021

► Long-wheelbase version also available
► ‘Chauffeur’ driving mode keeps the braking smooth
► Lots of luxury tech and VIP rear seating

Genesis has revealed official photos and confirmed the specification of its new luxury flagship, the G90 saloon. To square up against the Mercedes S-Class (although not coming to the UK or Europe), the G90 is offered in both regular and long-wheelbase form.

Powered by a twin-turbo, 3.5-litre V6 fitted to an eight-speed automatic gearbox, the G90 produces 375bhp and 390lb ft of torque, but no further performance stats have been released.

So the focus here isn’t on how it drives?

Not really, no. This is a car designed for owners to ride in the back while their chauffeur sits up front. Genesis is putting an emphasis on luxury, comfort and ease-of-use with the G90, thanks to multi-chamber air suspension, rear-wheel-steering and driver assistance technologies that range from self-closing doors to automatic parking.

g90 interiior

Tech features also include Virtual Venue, where the 13-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system can be adjusted to replicate the acoustics of certain real-world venues, like Boston Symphony Hall. Headphone-style Active Noise Cancelling technology is employed to detect road roar and play the opposite sound waves to create artificial silence in the cabin.

There’s also Mood Curator, which makes use of the G90’s ambient lighting, stereo, fragrancy system, massage seats and motorised curtains to lift occupants’ moods, while speakers in the driver’s headrest ensure only they hear navigation commands and alerts, so as not to disturb their passengers.

Is one rear seat better than the other?

Strangely, yes. The right-hand chair on the second row (in left-hand-drive markets) is designated ‘the VIP seat’, owing to its leg supports and footrests that are both heated and ventilated. Rear passengers can be entertained by a pair of 10.2-inch touchscreen displays that automatically adjust their angles based on seat position.

g90 rear seats

Infotainment is controlled via an eight-inch touchscreen in the rear central armrest, giving passengers access to climate, seat, massage, curtain and lighting controls.

Tell us about the long-wheelbase model

Buyers who want an even more luxurious ride can opt for the G90 long-wheelbase, which retains the same 5,275mm overall length of the standard car, but has a wheelbase increased from 3,180 to 3,370mm.

g90 lwb side

Looking to the exterior, Genesis is showcasing new design details in the form of the ‘Crest Grille’ and slim, two-line headlights, combining to resemble the brand logo. Genesis says how the slim headlights were created by intercrossing the lens of the DRLs (daytime running lights) with the indicator, high beams and micro lens array (MLA) low beams.

I bet there’s more clever tech to cover yet…

Yes, indeed there is. Genesis has given the G90 its second-generation Digital Key technology, where the driver’s smartphone unlocks the car when in close proximity and has the motorised door handles present themselves. The doors then automatically close when the driver is seated, and the car is activated via a fingerprint reader on the centre console – which is also used to load up the driver’s personal preferences.

A ‘Chauffeur’ braking mode lets the driver pick from three braking modes to help provide a mode comfortable ride for whoever’s sat in the back. The multi-chamber air suspension automatically adjusts its height and damping based on the navigation system and a forward-facing camera’s view of the road ahead.

How much does it cost?

Genesis hasn’t said just yet, and the company isn’t saying exactly where the G90 will be available, or indeed when. For now, the most up-to-date info we have from Genesis is based on the Korean-market G90, and the company says it isn’t coming to Europe.

By Alistair Charlton

CAR contributor and fan of EVs, V12s, and everything in-between