Genesis Mint concept: EV city car is a breath of fresh air

Published: 17 April 2019

► 200 mile range
► City car with sporty looks
► Concept interior, production-worthy exterior

Genesis has revealed the Mint, an electric city-car designed to solve transport issues usually associated with urban living. Unveiled the night before the New York motor show, the new concept features some interesting design inside and out – and looks considerably better than you’d expect.

Range is an estimated 200 miles, and that’s all the specs we have right now: it is a concept, after all.

That actually looks good?

According to Genesis, the Mint ‘posits an expanded definition of [the] brand,’ which is a cloudy prospect – but leave that to one side, and the Mint Concept looks rather good, doesn’t it? City car is usually code for stylish box on wheels, or Twizy-like car/bike hybrid – think Audi Ai:me, Seat Minimo et al – but Genesis has bucked the trend.

Instead, the Mint looks more like a two-door sports car, with tiny overhangs at the front and rear combining with big rims for a surprisingly aggressive footprint. On the lower half the the vehicle, Genesis has deployed what it calls a ‘G-Matrix pattern’ which also plays a role in cooling down the floor-mounted battery pack.

Finished in Hunter Green, and sprinkled with details, it’s a great looking thing – and has a hint of British sports car.

And the interior?

The Mint is a concept car, so there are a few bonkers aspects to its design. For some reason, the Mint replaces a normal boot for a rear hatch with scissor-style openings. Genesis says they’re designed to allow for a lower load-in point, but the chances of seeing them in a production car aren’t exactly high.

Inside, the Mint follows the same out-the-box thinking. Sure, there’s leather, lightweight textures and an oblong steering-wheel – but things get weirder the closer you look. Genesis has surrounded the wheel with six small information screens, while the bench seat is also able to swivel. Somehow, we don’t expect to see that on a road car either.

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By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast