Gordon Murray Design T25 | News

Published: 28 June 2010

This is Gordon Murray’s new city car, the T25. Although previously scooped by CAR as long as two years ago, these are the first official pictures of the Gordon Murray Design T25 that its makers claim will revolutionise car design, manufacturing and even the way we drive.

Doesn’t Gordon Murray build super-expensive hypercars?

He did indeed design the seminal McLaren F1 and still hopes to build another one, but in the meantime the T25 is designed for the more humble motorist. 

Gordon Murray Design is keen to promote itself as a leader in downsizing, both in terms of the physical footprint of the car and engine size. So the T25 is only 1.3m wide and has a turning circle of 6m, yet still fits in a driver and two adult passengers in an F1-inspired central driving position.

The two back seats can be folded down into a ‘shopping mode’, allowing 720 litre of storage space.

Is the Gordon Murray T25 powered by a 6.0-litre V12?

Of course not. The T25 will use a 600cc three-cylinder motor producing 51bhp and 42lb ft of torque, going through a five-speed semi-automatic gearbox. This propels the car to 62mph in a sadly un-F1 sounding 16.2 seconds, however due to the low kerbweight of 550kg it will do 74mpg on the combined cycle, emitting 86g/km of CO2 in the process.

How will the GMD T25 change the way I drive?

Gordon Murray points out that the T25’s diddy size could revolutionise town planning. Imagine a world with single-lane overtaking, parking three-abreast in a regular parking space or even two next to each other in a regular garage. All made possible by the vertical-opening door, allowing the driver to exit either side of the car, although we’re not quite sure how the cabin will survive in the rain…

The clever iStream manufacturing part

Underlying the entire T25 project is Gordon Murray’s iStream manufacturing process. This aims to reduce the complexity, capital investment and energy intensity of the traditional assembly plant. All key manufacturing operations will take place outside of the factory, including all metal pressings and panel painting.

When will we see the T25? Sadly, GMD are still seeking investment partners and until the funds and contracts are fully in place for actual production, the T25 remains a teaser for what could be.