Gordon Murray T.33: screaming V12 supercar sold out

Published: 07 February 2022

► Gordon Murray Automotive’s new T.33
► Shrieking V12, ultra lightweight
► All 100 £1.4 examples now sold out

Gordon Murray Automotive has pulled another blinder. This is the T.33, a new supercar that’s designed to be a baby sibling to the extreme-yet-pure T.50 and T.50s.

And, as you’d expect, the numbers and details of the new GMA car are just as tantalising. Murray’s attitude to power, weight and precision are all front and centre in the new T.33.

Just 100 are to be made, ‘guaranteeing exclusivity’ according to GMA, with the first ones being delivered in 2024. Deposits have been placed for the entire production run less than a week after order books open – yes, the T.33 is sold out already.

Look at that!

While there’s no ground-effect fan present like the T.50, the T.33’s still uses ground-effect aerodynamics, including something GMA call a Passive Boundary Layer Control system. Inlets at the front direct air under the floor out a huge scooped diffuser on the rear end.

The clean design isn’t without its own clever details, though. There’s a huge roof scoop and an active rear spoiler that deploys automatically, or can be set by the driver.

t33 interior

Inside, it’s equally clean. The T.33 is a two-seater like a conventional car – no third seat in the centre here like the T.50 (or the McLaren F1), with an entirely driver-centric cockpit. All of the controls have manual switches, with a small screen that can display Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. All you need, really – you’ll be too busy driving.

Does the T.33 still have a V12?

You betcha. And, just like the T.50, it’s still an absolute screamer, too. It’s essentially a reconfigured version of the naturally-aspirated 3.9-litre Cosworth V12 in the T.50 and T.50s, but don’t discount it as a simple detune.

It’s all aluminium, with yellow cam covers to set it apart, weighing 178kg. It delivers 607bhp and 333lb ft of torque, revving all the way up to 11,100rpm – just 900rpm short of the T.50’s limit.

t33 engine

The cylinder heads are the same as the T.50’s version, but new camshafts, variable valve timing and engine mapping have been applied here – GMA’s worked hard to deliver the bulk of the torque lower down the rev range compared to the T.50 for better engine flexibility.

Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox – a bespoke 82kg unit from Xtrac – with a paddleshift automatic available as an option. GMA and Xtrac claim the paddleshift ‘box is the ‘world’s lightest supercar paddleshift,’ at 78kg.

GMA hasn’t supplied performance specs yet, but expect a sub-three-second 0-62mph time and a top speed over 200mph.

t33 front overhead

Bet it’s light, too…

Of course. You wouldn’t expect anything else from gram-obsessive Gordon Murray. The T.33’s overall targeted weight is under 1100kg, making it lighter than a Mazda MX-5 (but with around five times the power of one).

The chassis is a carbonfibre monocoque, designed in such a way to include a safety cell akin to a Formula 1 car. Double wishbone suspension is present front and rear, as are carbon ceramic brakes.

t33 rear end

I want one!

Too late – they’ve sold out already.

Professor Gordon Murray says ‘The entire GMA team is thrilled that all 100 T.33’s have found a home so quicky after the global launch, just over a week ago, and we look forward to welcoming new owners to the GMA family.’

Each T.33 owner will receive a bespoke and personalised service throughout their GMA journey.

GMA’s only making 100 of them, and that impressive pre-order sell out is in the face of a projected £1.37m cost – before local taxes.

By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches