Holden to build new Astra-based car in 2010

Published: 23 December 2008

Holden will start building an all-new small car in Australia from 2010. It’ll be based on GM’s Delta small car platform, which underpins the new Vauxhall/Opel/Saturn Astra and Chevrolet Cruze, and this solitary teaser picture reveals next-gen Astra design cues grafted onto a three-box saloon shape.

So the new small Holden will only be a saloon?

No. GM says the new car will be built as a saloon and a hatch, at Holden’s plant in South Australia, and the company claims everything from stop-start hybrid technology and alternative fuels such as E85, LPG, and CNG are being considered. Four-cylinder petrol and diesel power will definitely be available and the Federal and South Australian governments will help provide funding for the new production line.

GM estimates 500-600 jobs at its Elizabeth plant and 500-600 local supplier jobs will be created, as well as generating around $120m for the economy. The new car will be the first vehicle beyond the current Holden range since Vectra production ended in 1998.

Mark Reuss, GM Holden chairman and managing director said: ‘We recognise the needs and desires of motorists are evolving with growing concern around environmental factors and shifting consumer sentiment. Such evolution calls for an innovative approach to complement our current offering. This new vehicle will cater for growing demand for smaller cars focussed on economy.’

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By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy