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New Honda Civic prototype debuts cleaner look

Published: 18 November 2020

► The next Civic revealed, in prototype form
► Cleaner and more mature than before
► Saloon version shown first – but is it coming to the UK?

Honda has revealed a prototype of the next Civic, and it looks to be a cleaner, more mature-looking car this time around. The 11th generation Honda was shown via Twitch in a bid to spice up the traditional car reveal, and to appear to younger buyers. However, we reckon the previous Civic’s videogame looks probably appealed to the Twitch crowd more.

Honda has only revealed the saloon version of the Civic in prototype-guise; finished in an all-new Solar Flare Pearl colour ­­– and it’s certainly eye-catching ­­­­– but less busy than the previous model. Think something closer to Honda’s own CRV and HRV models and the US Accord, and you’re pretty much there.

Overall the Civic looks simplified and more sophisticated, but it does keep the sane style grille, low bonnet and stance – although the former has been downsized.  

Honda hasn’t released any interior pictures but has revealed a sketch at least. The Civic cabin will have a ‘dramatic makeover’ with the words ‘clean’ and ‘uncluttered’ frequently cropping up in its description. There’s more tech, too; the drivers’ cockpit will be all-digital for the first time, and a full-HD 9-inch infotainment screen will also appear in the centre of the dash. 

Our favourite part? A dash-wide mesh adds to the clean look of the Civic's new cabin, but also hides the A/C vents. 

What about the Type R?

Honda says the production version of the Civic saloon will be revealed in the late spring of next year, and the hatchback, Si model and Type R will soon follow after that. What’s less certain is if the car will come to the UK, and if so, whether its Type-R variant will join it.  

The UK is already missing out on the next Nissan Z car, as well as the Subaru BRZ – will the Civic Type R be the next driver-focused Japanese car to fail to make it to UK shores? The signs aren’t looking good; so far the reveal of the next Civic has been very US-centric, from the reveal of the saloon first, to use of solely North American sales figures in all current comms.

What do you think of the next Civic? Has it been sanitized a little too much, or is this exactly what the Civic needed. Let us know in the comments. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast