Hummer H3T (2008): first official pictures

Published: 07 February 2008

The new Hummer H3T will boast a five foot long flatbed rear. Shown at the recent Chicago Auto Show, this revised version is heavily based on the existing H3 and will be sold in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Unmistakably Hummer, the flagship H3T Alpha is powered by the same GM-sourced 300bhp 5.3-litre V8 that has proved so popular, albeit with an aluminium block to improve weight distribution. Entry level cars get a 3.7-litre inline five cylinder motor, producing 242bhp and 242lb ft, that will prove slightly friendlier at the pumps. With several trim options and either auto or manual transmissions available the new model aims to satisfy every lifestyle interest.

There will be a choice of suspension packages to choose from, too. The standard heavy-duty handling set up is geared up for road use and light off-road capability whilst specifying the Off-Road Adventure option fits tuned shocks, along with locking differentials and massive 33-inch tyres.

With an almost identical interior layout to the H3 SUV this iconic Yank 4x4 will still seat five. Hummer is also offering a range of accessories in order to personalise your flat bed. From rear facing cameras to tonneau covers and winches, the list of options is huge.

The new V8 HT3 can tow a weight of up 2676kg, over four hundred kilos more than it weighs and retains the off road capabilities of the previous model.

Production is scheduled to begin in autumn 2008, with deliveries starting soon after.