Hyundai Bayon: T-Cross and Puma rival coming in 2021

Published: 25 November 2020

 Kia Stonic, but Hyundai
 Coming in 2021
 Puma and T-Cross rival

Hyundai has confirmed and all-new SUV, and it’s going to be called the Bayon. CAR understands it’ll essentially be a Hyundai version of the Kia Stonic, and will compete in the same weight class as the Puma and T-Cross when it arrives in 2021. 

Best small SUV

‘Hyundai is strongly established in the European SUV market already, in terms of our model range as well as our sales success,’ says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, vice president of marketing & product. 'By launching a new, additional B-segment model as the entry point into our SUV line-up, we see a great opportunity to cover European customers’ demand even better and to increase our offering in a highly popular segment.’ 

Why Bayon?

Hyundai’s latest SUV will have the European market firmly in its sights; so it’s been named after a city in its target market. The name Bayon comes from the city of Bayonne in southwest France. Its location between the Atlantic and Pyrnees makes it a prime rock climbing and sailing destination – the sort of fun activities Hyundai wants the Bayon to be associated with. 

We’ll update this article when we know more.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast