Four-by-paw: meet the Jaguar F-type made for the off-road

Published: 12 November 2018

► Two ‘one-off’ rally cars
► Continue XK120 celebrations
► But they won’t go racing

Jaguar is continuing its 70 year celebrations with another new special edition F-type, but this one’s a little more ‘special’ than the Chequered-flag edition it follows. This time around, Jaguar has produced two rallying versions of the F-type, once again to mark seven decades since the XK120 was revealed.

Why rallying?

Although Jaguar isn’t usually associated with rallying, the off-road F-types also pay homage to an XK120 registered 'NUB 120' which completed three consecutive Alpine Rallies in the 50s without receiving a penalty point, and also took the top step at the RAC and Tulip rallies.

What’s different then?

Both cars are powered by the four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine you can find in the road-going F-type, but Jaguar has also added some extra modifications to make the car work better on loose surfaces. Grooved, four-piston callipers at the front and rear provide better stopping-power, while softer springs and competition dampers mean the F-type can more easily ride out bumps. They’re adjustable too, so the F-types can be set up for different surfaces.

As you’d expect, both cars feature a hydraulic handbrake and limited-slip-diff for better power delivery. Out front, there’s also a bonnet-mounted light pod for night stages.

Inside you’ll find a an FIA-approved protective roll-cage, six-point harness and fire extinguisher.

Are they going to race?

It’s very, very unlikely – but they do at least function as actual rally cars. Jaguar says both models were put through their paces at Walters Arena rally stage, South Wales.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast