Jaguar Mk2 (2014) by Ian Callum and Classic Motor Cars

Published: 28 August 2014

Jaguar design chief Ian Callum often references the Jag Mk2. And for good reason; it set the tempo for sports saloons and was an influential forebear of modern hot-rods such as the XFR. So it should come as no surprise that Callum has teamed up a Jaguar specialist to build his own modern Mk2 homage.

The 2014-spec Jaguar Mk2 is Callum’s own design but an independent project outside of work. He teamed up with Classic Motor Cars Limited (CMC), a Shropshire based specialist in old Jags.

Callum is an experienced hot-rodder. Read more about his personal hot-rods in CAR magazine’s exclusive feature in the February 2007 issue.

Jaguar Mk2 by Ian Callum: a very modern Jag sports saloon

CMC and Callum have spent 18 months working on the project, which takes a Mk2 and gives it a modern makeover. It’s predictably meaner and lower than a regular Mk2 – it’s been slammed earthwards by 30mm in the best hot-rod tradition – and sits on 17in split rim alloys.

The bodywork is slashed behind the front wheelarch with louvres inspired by race-car intakes. ‘I have always loved traditional louvres as seen on many older race cars,’ said Callum. ‘Four louvres appear on the side of the car to add to that sense of power and “something different”. Of course they had to work, so they have been designed in a low-pressure area for a better internal airflow from the modified engine.’

Spec, engine details in Callum’s Mk2

There’s a modified 4.3-litre XK V8 breathing through that cool, centre-exit twin exhaust, a five-speed manual gearbox and fettled independent rear suspension.

It’s ancient meets modern: there’s power steering, adjustable dampers and a rather ugly Clarion multimedia ICE with a 16cm flip-out touchscreen – juxtaposed with that simply beautiful, timeless Mk2 silhouette. The new paintjob is a perfect accompaniment to the high-gloss chrome.

No performance figures have been issued – a reminder that this is a very personal project for Callum. This is his own car.

Callum added: ‘This is a very personal statement. A long held notion that, although the Mark 2 has always been a beautiful car, it could be even more exciting in shape and performance. Whilst maintaining the purity of the car’s form, I wanted to add a number of modern twists to the design. Simplification and clarity was my objective.’

Callum, former Jag test driver Norman Dewis and F1 world champion John Surtees were on hand at the new 40,000sq ft CMC HQ in Bridgnorth.

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By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet