Jaguar XFR-S (2012) first official pictures

Published: 28 November 2012

Here's Jaguar's M5-killer: the new 2013 XFR-S. By taking an already potent XFR and plumbing in the 542bhp engine from the XKR-S coupe, Jag has created a saloon with XJ220 power.

The Jag XFR-S was unveiled today at the 2012 Los Angeles auto show. It's been developed by the company's ETO division, which tailors top-end products for customers with a surplus of demands and dosh.

Jaguar XFR-S: under the vented bonnet

The powertrain upgrades are carried over from the XKR-S, as CAR revealed in our spy shots this summer. The supercharged 5.0-litre V8 is tuned to produce an extra 39bhp, and torque has jumped 41lb ft to 502lb ft.

The performance improvements come from remapped engine management and improved airflow into and out of the V8, says Jaguar.

That means a 0-60mph sprint of 4.4sec and an - electronically governed - 186mph top speed (a neat 300kph for our continental cousins). Economy and CO2 figures? Jag says they're unchanged from the regular XFR, at 24mpg and a chunky 270g/km. Helped no doubt by a stop-start system and long-legged eight-speed auto 'box.

And the visual changes on the new XFR-S?

As we saw in last week's teaser shot, R-S models are defined with bespoke 20in Varuna-design alloy wheels, extra badging, wider front grilles, and carbonfibre aero tweaks. The front gills are said to have real aerodynamic benefit, as does the large rear wing - together they cut lift by 68%. Completing the makeover is a rear diffuser and quad tailpipes.

Jaguar has increased the lateral stiffness of the suspension by 30%, while the electronic diff and stability control systems are recalibrated to take into account the extra power.

Mike Cross, Jaguar's chief engineer, said: 'With the XFR we have a very credible, competitive platform with which to work. What we have given the XFR-S is greater handling capacity, greater precision and greater capability. It’s a car for driving purists – it will feel engaging within the first 50 metres but remains accessible and confidence-inspiring at any speed.'

The eight-speed auto 'box, meanwhile, has Quickshift technology borrowed from the F-type roadster for faster gearchanges and you're likely to hear every single one: the central silencer is replaced with straight-through rear pipes.

How much does the Jaguar XFR-S cost?

You'll need a stout £79,995 to buy an XFR-S; UK deliveries are set for May 2013.