Want a more distinctive Jaguar F-type? Try the new 2016 British Design Edition

Published: 05 January 2016

► New Jag F-type British Design Edition
► Unique trim and 20in wheels
► Coupe costs £75,225, cabrio £80,390

If you’ve been waiting for a Jaguar F-type that’s just that little more individual than the norm, then the new British Design Edition could be right up your street.

The first of the mainstream F-type special editions is offered for both coupe and convertible versions of the 375bhp V6 S AWD F-type. The key cosmetic change is the addition of the pre-existing Sport Design Pack, which adds a front splitter, side skirts and a rear bumper venturi. Coupes can also be had with a prominent fixed rear wing, if that’s your thing.

So what else is new for the British Design Edition?

Other benefits include larger 20in wheels, in a unique satin grey finish, instead of the standard 19in items. There’s also the obligatory minor detailing, including small British Design Edition badges both inside and out.  

The colour palette for the special edition is hardly extensive, but it’s a choice of four bespoke shades. On offer is Caldera Red, Glacier White, Ultimate Black and Jaguar’s eye-popping Ultra Blue.

Inside the Jaguar F-type British Design Edition

Inside, upgraded leather trim with contrasting stitching – red, white and unsurprisingly blue – is standard. You’ll also notice that the aluminium trim of the F-type V6 S is replaced with carbonfibre, providing a more distinctive look.

As with the rest of the range, the new edition features the InControl infotainment system. This is backed up with an upgraded ten-speaker, 380W Meridian audio system, for a bit of extra acoustic punch.

Is it any faster than the standard F-type V6 S?

Alas, no. It features the same 375bhp V6 as the standard car, but that’s no bad thing. In conjunction with the eight-speed ZF transmission and Jaguar’s four-wheel-drive system, it grants a 0-60mph time of 4.9sec.

It will, however, stop slightly faster than the standard car. That’s because the British Design Edition gets Jaguar’s beefy Super Braking System as standard, which would otherwise cost you £1300.

So what’s all this going to cost me?

The Jaguar F-type British Design Edition will set you back £75,225 in coupe form, or £80,390 as a convertible. That’s a price hike of £7820 and £7500, compared to the standard V6 S versions, respectively.

It’s a fairly hefty hike but it’s worth bearing in mind that the wheels, braking, cosmetic and interior upgrades that can be had on the standard F-type would set you back around £6k alone.

Consequently, for an F-type that’s a little more distinctive, the British Design Edition would be worth having a closer look at if you’re in the market for a four-wheel-drive sports car. Just don’t expect it to be a residual values masterpiece though, as the production run has no limit. 

A very British Jag: the rear of the F-type British Design Edition

By Lewis Kingston

Formerly of this parish. Inveterate car buyer and seller; currently owner of a '68 Charger project car