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Is Keating heading for the record books?

Published: 06 November 2009

Are we looking at the fastest car in the world? Maybe. British supercar maker Keating is taking on Bugatti with its latest iteration of the TKR, which the company hopes will crack 300mph – and earn it the title of fastest production car in the world.

In October 2009, the twin-turbo Keating TKR clocked up a brisk 260.1mph across the El Mirage salt flats in California. Company boss Tony Keating and his team, including Keating’s brother Daniel who will be undertaking driving duties again, will be heading to Bonneville in September 2010 to try and crack 300mph under the official gaze of the Guinness Book of Records.

So how much power do you need for 260mph?

The TKR is powered by a 7.0-litre bi-turbo V8 prepped by Nelson Racing in California that’s good for a massive 1800bhp. According to Tony Keating, the record-attempt car differs little from the £250,000 road car. 'We dropped in a six-point roll cage fitted, as well as a parachute, and a fire extinguisher system,' says Manchester-based Keating, who says the car weighs in at just over 1000kg. 'Mechanically, it's pretty much the same as the road car.

'After the first big run at El Mirage my brother Daniel, who was driving, was physically sick after clocking up 260.1mph,' says Keating. 'I’m not sure if he’ll be coming out with us to Bonneville.'

I suppose the Keating TKR qualifies as a production car?

Just about. Since launching in April 2008, Keating has sold four of its supercars – one here in the UK, one to an American collector and two to Australia. 'I know 300mph is pretty far out there,' admits Keating, 'but you’ve got to have something to aim for, otherwise you have to ask yourself "what’s the point?"' .

The car is currently on display at the MPH show in London. Next up Keating plans further testing in France in March 2010 before heading back to America for its record breaking run next autumn.