Kia Rio three-door (2012) first official pictures

Published: 26 January 2012

Nearly a year on from the unveiling of the five-door Rio, Kia today launched the three-door Rio supermini.

What’s different on the three-door Rio?

It's lost two doors, stupid!

Not a huge amount has changed from the five-door: it has the same wheelbase and manages to keep the Rio's 288-litre boot space. A new more European style blade swoops down the side profile, reminiscent of a Vauxhalll Corsa.

All the features and trim levels mirror the five-door Rio's, including the helpful Hill-start Assist Control, which stops the car from rolling backwards when moving off on a steep gradient.

And the price of the new 2012 Kia Rio 3dr?

Kia says the three-door Rio will be £600 cheaper than the five-door model, with a starting price of £9995.

Does that spell the end of cut-price Korean bargains? The Ford Fiesta three-door costs from £9495, while the end-of-line Peugeot 207 costs the same at £9995. Make no mistake: Kia is nudging prices upmarket. 

Should I buy a Kia Rio three-door?

We noted that the five-door was overshadowed by its rivals at the time - the plastics of the interior didn't quite match up to rivals' on our first review of the Rio 5dr. But at a lower price point, the sleek Rio may start to appeal more.

The 2012 three-door Kia Rio is on sale now.