Land Rover Discovery Vision concept (2014) first teaser of Disco’s future

Published: 03 April 2014

Meet the new Land Rover Discovery. Okay, stop squinting; this is merely a teaser of the ‘Discovery Vision’ concept car that Land Rover will unveil at the New York motor show later in April 2014.

What exactly am I looking at here?

Imagine you’re a child sat on the middle seat of the second-row bench in the Discovery Vision concept. Ahead of you, between two futuristic-looking chairs, is a typically Jaguar-Land Rover rotary gear selector, and two Range Rover-like centre console spars.

Where the touchscreen interface would ordinarily sit in a Land Rover, you’ve got a motif hinting at the new Discovery’s profile, complete with raked roof, angular C-pillar, and bold wheelarches.

It looks like the new Discovery is going to be a much more aggressive-looking machine than the friendly, upright outgoing model that’s been with us since 2004.

And the video?

See for yourself, but the teaser clip reveals a kinked roofline for extra headroom in the rear two chairs, clever folding seats, and a sportier design of alloy wheel than we’re used to from a Disco.


What can we expect from the new Land Rover Discovery?

Land Rover is plotting a sea change in its model range. Just as ‘Range Rover’ has become its own brand, with the Range Rover Sport and Evoque riffing off the flagship, ‘Discovery’ will be spawn at least two new Land Rovers.

The Discovery Vision is expected to preview the bigger car of the two: the replacement for today’s seven-seater, twin-chassis Discovery. The car we’ve already scooped testing in the UK is a smaller, five-seater car, set to replace the current Land Rover Freelander, but also be badged ‘Discovery’.

We’ll find out more about the new Land Rover Discovery as the debut of the Discovery Vision draws nearer during April 2014.

By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish