Lister Lightning: 666bhp in an F-Pace for Urus worrying speed

Published: 02 February 2018

► Lightning comes after Thunder?
► Same V8 as F-Type-based Thunder

► Could be faster than Lambo Urus

Just days after announcing the Thunder, Lister has announced an even more ridiculous project – and it’s calling it the Lightning, obviously. While the Thunder was based on already sporty, highly-capable F-Type, the Lightning will be based on Jaguar’s F-Pace SUV instead. Oh, and it’ll be also be powered by a supercharged V8, too – just like the Lister Thunder.

Surely the Thunder should come after the Lightning? 

Anyway. There’s no other details about the new Lister Thunder just yet, other than it’s going to be ridiculously fast, and quite expensive, too. A specced up F-Pace in from a dealership will cost you around £54,000, so after the Lister treatment, you’re going to have to pay a good amount.

What is going on?

The Lister Thunder isn’t the most sensible car, but on first glance, the Lister Lightning seems to take on an altogether new level of madness. Maybe it will prove to be a shrewd business decision by Lister, and one we think could actually work. After all, there’s already an incredibly fast SUV about to hit the market – the Lamborghini Urus.

2018 will see the release of Lamborghini’s new super-SUV, and with demand appearing to be high, it makes sense for Lister to jump on the souped up 4×4 bandwagon. It’s worked for the likes of Overfinch and Kahn Design too, so why not Lister?

We’ll update this page when we know more about the Lister Lightning. 

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By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast