Lister LFT-666: thunderous Brit now has convertible version

Published: 20 March 2019

► Makes an ominous 666bhp
► A 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds
► It’s also £140k a pop

The epic Lister sports car has dropped its top. The LFT-666 now has a super limited-run convertible option named the LFT-C.

Just 10 of the C models will be built, costing £139,000 each. Still, Lister says there is an ‘almost unlimited options list’ to rack that price up – just like the coupe. The LFT-C’s top speed is rated at 205mph, compared to the coupe’s 208mph.

Lister LFT-C interior

The news comes after the Lister coupe’s name change in 2018. Gone is the rather epic weather system name ‘Thunder’ – replaced by the LFT-666.

The Cambridge-based car maker and tuner has a long history of upgrading Jaguar cars, and the Thunder continues the trend. Why? Because it’s even more extreme than the Jaguar F-Type SVR.

On the outside, the Lister LFT-666 loosely follows the same design as its donor car, but adds more extreme bodywork, along with eye-catching green flashes. It’s easy for modified or tuned cars sometimes to look considerably less appealing than their stock counterparts but on this occasion, Lister has hit a nice balance. However, with 36 colours on offer, new owners probably have a lot of scope to make the Thunder as vulgar as possible.

The main difference between the F-Type SVR and the LFT-666 is found under the bonnet, where the Lister has had some serious tweaking.

Lister Thunder interior

Although both cars use the same, highly-capable 5.0-litre supercharged V8, the Lister’s has been tuned to make an ominous 666bhp. That’s around 96bhp more than the SVR engine, which already had more than enough power in the first place.

Throw in 720lb ft of torque, a 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds and top speed of 208 mph, and the Lister has the stats to match its looks.

To compensate for the new dollop of power, the Thunder features upgraded suspension while custom exhausts mean the Thunder should have the soundtrack to match its increased speed.

Just 99 LFT-666 models will be made, with each costing at least £139,950 before you get to the hefty options list.

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By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast