Manhart MH2 GTR: the M2 CS gets dialled up

Published: 02 February 2021

 Power boosted to 600bhp 
 Host of visual and mechanical changes  
 Inspired by the M2 CS Racing 

Manhart Performance is up to its old tricks; this time it’s gone to work on one of Munich’s finest super-saloons. You’re looking at the 600bhp MHR GTR, a car that used to be a BMW M2 CS before the Germany-based tuners got involved. 

The headline power figure is achieved using the standard 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six, albeit with a hefty turbo upgrade and a total engine remap. And alongside the bhp bump, torque has been cranked up to a mighty 612lb ft.

To handle the extra power Manhart has fitted a better intercooler and an ARMA intake. A custom seven-speed ‘box developed by Manhart sends power to the rear wheels, while a bespoke stainless steel exhaust system has been fitted – complete with new downpipes and carbon tailpipes. 

The tuning firm has also set about trying to improve the already impressive handling of the M2, using an H&R suspension upgrade and Manhart Concave forged wheels. The brake system can be left standard, or upgraded to a custom specification. 

Visually, the biggest change is a carbonfibre rear wing and the addition of air outlets to the front wings, but Manhart also offers a striking decal set in the options list. 

The interior also features some upgrades; new Recaro sports seats replace the standard units while the steering wheel and gear selector feature carbonfibre inserts. A data display sits in place of one of the air vents to provide the driver with performance information. 

Manhart has a back catalogue full of fettled performance cars. Previous examples include a 450bhp VW Golf and a monstrous BMW M5 with 700bhp.

By Ryan Gilmore

Automotive content writer and classic car bore - is that any good?