Mazda 2 (2007): first official pictures

Published: 14 February 2007

Mazda 2: the first sight

Mazda will show this new 2 supermini at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Details are so sketchy, that this photo is all we’ve seen. It draws heavily on the Sassou concept of 2005, with its sweptback glasshouse and rising beltline, like its Yaris and Corsa rivals. A three-door will be sold, too, when the 2 goes on sale this autumn. Expect a similar range of engines, ranging from 1.2 to 1.6 litres in capacity. Some of the front-wheel drive running gear is likely to be shared with small Fords, including the upcoming Fiesta replacement. Today’s 2 has never sold well in the UK, grabbing a minuscule 0.7 percent market share. Mazda hopes to boost that to a more serious two or three percent with the new car, resulting in another 10,000 sales a year in Britain.