McLaren P1 GTR: first official info on 986bhp track-only P1

Published: 13 June 2014

Here’s the official confirmation of McLaren’s track-only version of the already insane P1. The McLaren P1 GTR will pack 986bhp (or a nice, round 1000ps in metric), 83 ponies more than its street-legal sibling, a wider track, full slick racing tyres and bigger downforce levels  than the regular P1 – if you can call a car like the P1 ‘regular’.

Rumours talk about a fixed rear wing instead of the deployable one on the standard car. McLaren has not yet revealed whether the extra power comes from further tweaking the twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 or the electric powertrain (or both!).

No compromises at all for the McLaren P1 GTR

Since road legislation is now out of the equation, McLaren states that ‘the McLaren P1 GTR will be designed and developed as the best drivers’ car in the world on track’. That’s a bold claim.

Styling will be ‘more aggressive and distinctive, designed to offer optimised performance around a lap,’ according to McLaren, which is another way of saying that the spaceship looks of the P1 will be enhanced to a bonkers level.

Only one sketch has been issued today, ahead of a more formal at a later date.

Maintaining the exclusivity

The GTR moniker returns on the P1, reflecting the treatment on the seminal McLaren F1.

Production of the P1 GTR will start only after the last of the 375 regular P1s is built in 2015. McLaren says it has not determined the exact production numbers yet but says it ‘will be strictly limited’.

Can anyone buy a McLaren P1 GTR? 

Price is set to a chilling £1.98m, but this includes not only the car but also a tailored programme to each customer so they can enhance their driving skills. A bit like Ferrari’s FXX programme, then.

The programme includes McLaren’s driver fitness team and design director Frank Stephenson giving individual consultations, ‘privileged’ access to one of the McLaren racing simulators as well as participation in a minimum of six dedicated international drive events ‘at some of the world’s most iconic F1 circuits’.

However, to buy a P1 GTR you’d better have already purchased the road-legal P1; nobody else qualifies to own Woking’s crown jewel.