McLaren P1 hybrid supercar (2013) test video and new details

Published: 24 January 2013

McLaren is forging ahead with development of the P1 hybrid supercar, and has released details of the partners working on ‘the world’s best driver’s car’, in the subjective words of the Woking-based firm. Scroll down to watch a new, official video.

Just remind me of the P1 basics

The camouflaged P1 mules we’ve scooped testing in Southern Europe are helping the McLaren engineers develop bespoke components for the P1. Japanese outfit Akebono has the task of delivering a braking system able to rein in the P1’s power, likely to be north of 900bhp. That output comes courtesy of an uprated 12C twin-turbo V8 (pumping out around 720bhp) and an F1-inspired KERS electric motor boost system. Ferrari’s new F150 hybrid will boast electric assistance, though the Italian car uses a mid-mounted, normally aspirated V12. Expect the McLaren P1 to cost around £850,000.

Other partners given the nod in McLaren’s latest PR bumf? They’re well-known from McLaren’s F1 circle: Pirelli for a new breed of sticky, track-ready tyres, and Mobil1 is in charge of cooling fluids and lubricants.

Anything else before I watch the new McLaren P1 video?

Look closely at the camouflage wrapped around the P1’s aero-focused body. It’s not just a random swirl of stripes, but rather a McLaren-designed graphic incorporating the outlines of famous racing circuits significant in the brand’s racing history. Click on the pictures to see this anoraky detail in close-up.



By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish