Seven-seat Mercedes EQB SUV unveiled in Shanghai

Published: 19 April 2021

New EQB is a small seven-seat EV
DNA splicing of GLB and EQA
Coming to Europe later in 2021

Another fresh electric Mercedes. This is the new EQB, a seven-seat all-electric crossover that smashes together the shape and space of the dinky GLB with the powertrain and design elements from the EQA.

Wait, what? Another one?

You’re forgiven for not keeping up – Mercedes is cranking out new electric cars at a rate of knots, or… watts, we suppose.

So, yes, the new EQB is essentially an electric version of the GLB – the Skoda Kodiaq-rivalling SUV with G-Class styling cues and seven seats. Just like the GLB, the EQB’s relatively small dimensions means Mercedes recommends no one over 5’4” actually uses the rearmost seats, but it adds a little extra usability to the new EV.

eqb rear seats

It’s standard fare in terms of design and equipment for a Mercedes-EQ vehicle – blanked-out grille and smoother lines for low drag, bazillion-spoke wheels as an option and a single light bar stretching across the rear end.

The EQB’s MBUX infotainment system allows you to make the most of the EV powertrain, with navigation that keeps your range in mind, plotting a course that drives past some chargers if it thinks you might need one.

What powers the new EQB?

Two power variants have been announced, an EQB 250 and EQB 350, with more power variants to come.

eqb front tracking

The EQB 250 has 187bhp, a 66kWh battery pack and a range expected to be around the 260-mile mark, much like the EQA. This is anticipated to be the one that makes it to the UK market. As for the EQB 350, expect around 240bhp complete with a larger battery pack. Mercedes is also planning higher-performance variants with more than 268bhp.

When can I get one?

The first EQBs arrive in Europe and China later in 2021, with the US market opening up in 2022. Prices aren’t known yet, but expect a starting point in the UK of around £45,000.

By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches