Mercedes 'Aesthetics S' sculpture (2012) previews S-class

Published: 04 September 2012

Mercedes is previewing its next 2013 S-class flagship, but not with a concept car or series of shadowy teaser shots. No, Merc has instead opted to create a sculpture showing the profile of the next S-class.

It's titled 'Aesthetics S', and together with its 'exciting projection display', it'll be shown at the 2012 Paris motor show later this month.

What can we learn from the Mercedes Aesthetics S design?

Well, the most striking features are those sweeping styling lines that flow along the flanks. The current A-class and B-class have adopted the love-or-hate creases along the doors to give them a bit of what designers call 'visual dynamicism'. That's fair enough - Mercedes is after all trying to attract a younger market to the brand with those cars. But the S-class? It'll be intriguing to hear how luxury car buyers react...

If you want an idea of what the styling flourishes will look like on an actual car, rather than an ambiguous sculpture, look no further than the recently revealed CLS Shooting Brake. We'll have to wait until 2013 to see the S-class for real.

Surely the S-class is all about Mercedes' best tech, not the styling?

The S-class certainly won't disappoint on that front - it's destined to be teeming with the latest innovations from Mercedes' brightest and best gadget brains. Expect to see a more advanced radar-guided cruise control that can actually execute safe lane changes autonomously. Another headline tech act is a whole new way of ensuring ride comfort.

Merc's 'Magic Body Control' uses cameras and sensors in the car's nose to monitor the road ahead for bumps, and then vary the damping rate accordingly. Should come in handy on Britain's scarred roads: a car that can notice craters and adjust itself, leaving occupants to simply continue wafting along untroubled.

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