Mercedes E-class Coupe (2009) first official photos

Published: 17 February 2009

The ever-shrinking violet that is the Mercedes CLK is no more – the new Mercedes E-class Coupe is here at last. After months of speculation, concept cars and E-class coupe spyshots, CAR Online can finally reveal the finished article a fortnight ahead of its 2009 Geneva motor show unveiling.

In recent years, Mercedes has been referring back to its iconic 1980s cars for inspiration, and the new 2009 E-class Coupe seems no different. A big, brash Mercedes medallioned grille dominates the front, while twin rectangular headlights echo the new E-class saloon and a generation of quad eyed Mercs from the back catalogue.

Merc E-class Coupe: the design unravelled

The angular waistline combines with a sleek, swooping C-pillar to stir memories of the old W126 Merc SEC, as is the non-existent B-pillar. The bulging rear wheelarches, on the other hand, are very much the influence of the latest E-class saloon.

The rear sees a curvier variation on the E-class sedan’s tail lights, and the higher rear bumper imparts a sense of sporting prowess.

Inside, the Coupe’s dash is almost identical to the saloon’s, so a good old-fashioned gearstick is present rather than a BMW/Jag-style gear-gimmicks. The sports seats are, naturally, electrically operated but, in Sport guise, also inflate to increase back support when you need it.

Is there space in the back of the E-class Coupe?

The saloon’s practical rear bench has been scrapped for two individually sculpted chairs, which can be folded down to increase boot space. We haven’t sat in it yet, but Merc types who have claim the rear seats are quite usable by adults on shortish journeys.

And the technical bits?

The E-class Coupe will be offered with three petrol engines and two oil-burners. The most efficient is the E250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY, which delivers 201bhp (a third more than the old four-pot diesel) yet has an mpg figure of 53.3 and puffs out a positively tree-hugging 139g/km of CO2. Want more diesel grunt? Then go for the 350 CDI with 231hp, 41.5mpg and 179g/km.

Petrol E-class Coupes are led by the brand new direct-injection four-cylinder E250 CGI which delivers 204 hp with a fuel consumption of 40.4mpg and a CO2 rating of just 164g/km (down 13% on the old motor).

Plutocrats and monied types can blow their wedge on a the range-topping E 500 V8, which delivers a respectable 388hp. Economy slips to 25.9 mpg and, unsurprisingly, this is the only derivative of E-Class Coupe that doesn’t warrant the BlueEFFICIENCY banner.

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A new Merc… I’m guessing gadgets galore, radar this, infra-red that?

As with the saloon, Merc has indeed packed the car full of intelligent gadgetry to make sure that fools don’t crash it and techno freaks are drawn to its legion gadgets. That means Attention Assist, to make sure drowsy drivers don’t stray from their lane or inadvertently nod off at the wheel.

More safety witchcraft is shown through the Adaptive Mainbeam Assist, so you needn’t worry about what your lights are doing. As well as this, the Merc uses Active Bonnet, a system which raises the rear of the bonnet by 50mm in the event of a collision to cushion any pedestrians who get in your way. Plenty then to sate demand for gizmos now, although that equally spells plenty of potential problems for the fourth or fifth owner in a decade’s time.

To keep the Mercedes E-Class Coupe on the straight and narrow it comes with Agility Control, which adjusts the suspension to suit your driving style, as standard. A dynamic driving system is also offered so that you can choose how the suspension is set up.

And how much will it cost?

When the car goes on sale in June 2009, prices will start at around £28,000. This will be for the E250 CGI in standard SE trim.

And guess what? That makes it almost £2000 more expensive than its main rival, the Audi A5. We’ll have more on the Merc E-class Coupe at its debut at the 2009 Geneva motor show on 3 March 2009.

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