Mercedes GT AMG interior (2014) first official pictures

Published: 16 April 2014

Welcome inside the new Mercedes GT AMG. The exterior styling of Mercedes’ new Jaguar F-type Coupe and Porsche 911 rival is still (just about) under wraps, but Mercedes has now shown off what owners of the new £85,000 coupe can expect to find inside their new car when it goes on sale in 2015.

Mercedes GT AMG: the first interior pictures

Let’s kick off with the centre tunnel. The touch-sensitive ‘smartphone-style’ controller from the new C-class is prominent, as is the typical AMG gear selector lever, which is expected to control a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

These controls are flanked by buttons for the sports exhaust, start-stop system, manual gearbox mode, infotainment volume, engine start, traction control and suspension settings. The final control, situated top left, is a knob to toggle between Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus and Race driving modes.

Further up, we can see a slim row of climate control buttons directly lifted from the current C-class and S-class saloons.

Ahead of the driver’s bucket seat lies a small flat-bottomed steering wheel with paddleshifters affixed. The scuttle looks lower than the outgoing SLs supercar’s, making the controversial ‘floating’ infotainment screen even more prominent.

>> The ‘basic’ 485bhp GT AMG will cost from around £85,000. Does this cabin look up to justifying that price tag? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.