Mercedes Ocean Drive concept (2006): first official pictures

Published: 21 December 2006

Oh my God. What have they done to the S-Class?

It’s a good question. This Ocean Drive concept car is basically an S600 S-Class that’s been decapitated for show goers’ delectation. That’s right – this is a four-door luxury convertible fit, as its name suggests, for cruising along an ocean boulevard. There’s luxurious space for four, Merc’s Airscarf heating system gently warming passengers at neck-level to keep them snug on chilly evenings.

Ok, so how different is the Ocean Drive?

Think S-Class with a smattering of high-tech jewellery. The outside is distinguished by LED headlights glowing with two inverted C’s and ritzy 36-spoke high-gloss alloys. Unique two-tone paintwork distinguishes the Ocean Drive and the doors are frameless, leaving a seamless profile with the roof down. That grille is a third bigger than a regular S-Class’s, too. Inside? The door cappings and roof compartment box are topped with maple and there’s a champagne cooler, obviously.

Is it a runner?

Oh yes. The Ocean Drive has a 517bhp twin-turbo V12 under its long snout. And this car is l-o-n-g: 5293mm long, to be precise – and that canvas soft-top covers a marquee-like 3.2sq m. However, don’t go thinking that this car will make it to a Merc showroom near you. This is a style statement, sources say, although a two-door CL cabrio could be on the cards. And it does look rather like a Maybach, don’t you think?

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet