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New Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupe: Affalterbach four-door revealed in Geneva

Published: 08 March 2018

► Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door
► Unveiled at Geneva
► CLS underpinnings, but AMG styling

Mercedes has finally unveiled the next fully-fledged AMG car at the 2018 Geneva motor show. It's called the AMG GT 4-Door – not the AMG GT4 like we expected – and the new four-door marks a huge point for Mercedes' AMG spin-off. Here's everything you need to know about it. 


From the outside at least, the new four-door looks a lot like an AMG version of the most recent CLS – and that's pretty much what it is underneath.

The new GT4 is actually based on a modified version of the MRA platform that underpins new third-generation CLS – but it's dressed in the usual AMG style. Think slatted grilles, bold air-intakes and flared wheel-arches. And just like the AMG GT, lots of those bold aerodynamic surfaces will actually move to aid the handling of the car.

What about the engines?

The GT 4-door looks a lot like the CLS, so Mercedes has made sure it'll differentiate itself further when it comes to performance. So far, only three engines have been lined up for the new car – but each of them promise a handsome power-boost over anything in the CLS range.

The bottom of the range begins with an entry-level 429bhp GT 53 4Matic+. Using a 3.0-litre unit inline six with up to 21bhp of electric boost, the entry-level GT 4-door promises the perfect blend of economy and speed. After all, it does get to 62mph in just 4.5 seconds.

A 577bhp V8-powered GT 63 capable of a 3.4 second launch to 62mph sits in the middle of the range, but the GT 63 S is going to be the model you want. Yes, it's the 630bhp GT 63 S 4Matic+ that sits at the top of the range. Featuring a top speed of 188mph and a 0-62mph launch time of 3.2 seconds, the latter uses a 4.0-litre V8 Bi-turbo with both turbines inside the vee.


Mercedes says the GT 4-door will come with several features already seen in the GT. The new coupe will have rear-wheel steering, six or eight caliper brakes, and as with other AMG models, ceramic stoppers will be available as an option.

The Coupe's engine will also come with the same Drive Modes we've seen in existing AMGs, so you'll be able to set the GT 4's handling from the forgiving 'slippery' mode, to the more hardcore 'RACE' mode.

Agility functions from "Basic" to "Master", will also change every aspect of the car's handling – from suspension rates to powertrain response. Response from the accelerator pedal, gearshift system, rear axle steering, electronically controlled rear axle locking differential or brake force distribution can all be controlled in this way. And there's obviously a drift mode, standard in the GT 63 S and optional elsewhere – because this is an AMG, after all

And the interior?

Inside, the new coupe is a picture of AMG GT and CLS, so it features two, 12.3 inch high-resolution displays – standard in the V8 models and optional in the six-cylinder GT 53. Just as in other Mercedes models, drivers will be able to choose between three different display styles: 'Classic', 'Sport' and the completely new 'Supersport'

Like new A-class and CLS, the GT-Four door will also use capacitive buttons and refreshed switchgear throughout the interior.

As for how much it'll cost? Expect to pay something in the region of £110,000 when order books for the new car open later this year.

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By Curtis Moldrich

CAR magazine's new online editor and tech lover