Mercedes Vision EQXX: what you need to know

Published: 04 August 2021

► The next chapter of EQ
► Low drag
► High, 620mile range

Mercedes EQ range is gradually hitting the road, but it’s already planning the next chapter of its all-electric strategy. During its 2020 strategy meeting, it teased the Vision EQXX, a new concept that’ll be a look forward into the next phase of the EQ brand and the three-pointed star. 

Stuttgart says it’ll be pushing the boundaries of range and efficiency, and it’ll even by relying on its UK-based HPP group to do it – the people responsible for the F1 engine.

What about specs?

With that in mind, Mercedes is offering up some truly impressive specs – including a range of around 620 miles. And rather than simply increasing the battery, Mercedes intends to do it with efficiency: the EQXX is aiming for an energy density 20% higher than that of Mercedes’ current electric flagship, the EQS. 

What will it look like? 

So far, we’ve only got teaser images to go on, but a silhouette hints at a slippery, streamlined vehicle much like previous Benz concepts. Being electric, efficiency will be crucial, and Mercedes engineers have already stated they’re shooting for a lower Cd than the EQS. 

We’ll should see the full thing in 2022, though we may get more information at the Munich motor show. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast