Mini offers new engines for 2010 spruce-up

Published: 15 January 2010

Mini is replacing the current 1.4 and 1.6 petrol engines in spring 2010 – with a single more powerful and efficient Valvetronic 1.6. The new engine will power all the entry-level First and One models instead of the current 1.4.

The new and improved 1.6 will also replace the existing engine found in the Cooper and Cooper S models.

The Mini Convertible range expands

The One Convertible is a new, entry-level soft-top and, yes, it’s a convertible in One spec. Not radical, but at around £14,995, it’s a good £1200 cheaper than the current Cooper Convertible. The 98 horses and 113lb ft of torque may only allow for a 0-62mph dash of 11.3 seconds, but it does achieve 49.6 mpg whilst burping out just 133g/km of CO2.

Although the same 1.6 Valvetronic will be available in each model, the engine mapping will differ to yield the different outputs. The First and One enjoy torque increases of 17% and 9% respectively for a very small increase in fuel consumption. Cooper S power jumps 5% to 182bhp while fuel consumption improves to 48.7 mpg.

What will the revised 2010 Mini cost me?

Mini insists that there will be no increase in the price of any tweaked 2010 model when the new engines are introduced. Perhaps prices will inch upwards later in 2010 when a facelift is due.

What if I’ve got more money than sense?

Help is at hand! As well as the gloriously pointless ‘Openometer’ for convertibles, from April 2010 any Mini can be the proud wearer of Sunlight, Asteroid or Nightlife rainbow-effect metallic paint.

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