Mitsubishi Concept-CX sketches

Published: 30 July 2007

What’s that, a Lancer hatch?

Not quite, though the front does have a strong resemblance to the four-door Lancer that will land in the UK at the start of 2008. Dubbed Concept-cX, this, show car points to Mitsubishi's possible future compact crossover in the mould of the Nissan Qashqai. However, it’s 215mm shorter than the Qashqai and only 70mm longer than a Peugeot 207. Throw in a 4wd system and a high seating position, and the marketing people will have you believe you’ll get 4x4 visibility mixed with easy manoeuvrability for urban motoring.

Will I be able to buy one?

The car seems a dead cert for production, and is bristling with production details such as a sensible 1.8-litre diesel engine with variable geometry turbocharging and a particulate filter. It also features Mitsubishi’s new Twin Clutch SST gearbox. Apparently the interior also features ‘extensive use’ of Mitsubishi’s Green Plastic, made from bamboo and plant resins. The cX runs on typically over-sized, 19in concept car wheels and has a tailgate similar to the Volvo C30's. We’ll see the cX in the metal at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 11 September.

I recognise that!

Good, because it’s the Evo X and Mitsubishi’s revamp of its most iconic car of modern times. Spotted here hot weather testing, these are the clearest shots yet of the full-on, hardcore Lancer. We’ve snapped the car before but under heavy disguise, and seen the car most recently as an exterior design study. We’ve also debated whether the Evo is still relevant, but we'll have to wait to find out; we’ve got to wait until early next year for our first drive.

So what can I expect on the Evo X?

Twin exhausts for a start. They signal a move away from the single bazooka-sized exhaust of the previous generation, and reflect the attempt to move the car slightly upmarket. You can also see how low this car is riding whilst at the front there’s a more pronounced trapezoidal grille, bonnet vents and - strangely - only one foglight. Subaru meanwhile is chasing budget volume sales with its new Impreza, but that doesn’t mean it isn't readying a new STi. CAR Online is already looking forward to the head-to-head clash.

By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy