Ferrari F8 Tributo given the Novitec tuning treatment

Published: 10 June 2020

► Ferrari's V8 gets even more power
► 65bhp and 83lb ft extra
► 211 mph top speed

Novitec insists on taking some of the fastest machines on the planet and making them faster, and the Ferrari F8 Tributo is its latest victim.

The F8’s 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 already makes 710bhp and 568lb ft, but that’s not enough for Novitec.

Using tech that sounds relatively simple (but likely isn’t) Novitec has tweaked the power levels on Ferrari’s 488 replacement.

'Two plug-and-play Novitec N-Tronic control modules are adapted to the engine electronics of the two-seater.

Novitec Ferrari F8

'They introduce newly programmed mapping for the eight-cylinder's injection and ignition, and additionally modify the electronic boost pressure control.'

Novitec says its first stage grants the F8 65bhp and 83lb ft more, which means the Ferrari has 776bhp and 651lb ft and can top 211mph.

Novitec says the extra power also shaves a couple of tenths off the F8’s 0-62mph sprint, which was originally claimed by Ferrari as 2.9 seconds. Down to 2.7, says Novitec, if you’re even able to tell the difference by that point.

Of course, as is standard with Novitec’s offerings, there are a number of custom interior treatments and sets of wheels that can be optioned for the F8, as well as a suspension kit to lower the car by 35mm. This also includes a front-raise function for speed bumps and the like.

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By Chris Thompson

Digital Journalist for our sister-site MOTOR, in charge of the magazine's online presence