Peugeot 308 GT THP 200 (2010): a quasi GTI

Published: 14 July 2010

Peugeot is 200 years old this month, so what better way to celebrate than launching a 200 horsepower warmed-up hatch. The new 308 GT THP 200 five-door pictured costs £21,995. Not quite as much sparkle as the RCZ, but that’s why it’s not badged GTI, in the UK at least.

What’s the new 308 GT THP 200 powered by? 

The 308 GT THP 200 runs the same 1.6-litre turocharged petrol engine as the RCZ, giving out 197bhp and 159 g/km of C02. Peugeot hasn’t given any performance details yet but the RCZ with the same engine and gearbox hits 60mph in 7.6 seconds.

Peugoet is sensitive to its hot hatch history books, and has ducked out of badging this go-faster 308 a GTI. That missing ‘i’ tells you plenty about this car’s intent.

Are there any visual differences between the GT THP 200 and the normal five-door?

Yep. A few subtle differences such as a rear spolier, a lower front panel stolen from the 308CC, a rear diffuser housed in the lower bumper and finally twin chrome rear pipes and of course the ‘200’ badges.

Inside the 308 GT THP 200 has sports seats, leather ‘sports’ steering wheel and – if you decide to buy a 308 GT THP in this July 2010 launch month – a free Nokia 5230 with sat- nav and in-car mounting kit.

I don’t like five-doors! Will there be a three-door version too?

Afraid not, it’s this or nothing. Still, if you want the looks, then we’d steer you towards the super-slinky RCZ…