Peugeot 308 GT THP and 308 SW (2008): first official pictures

Published: 19 February 2008

Peugeot is hammering the final nails into the coffin of the 307 with two new additions to the 308 range – a warmed-up 308 GT THP and a practical SW estate – both due to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2008.

Warm you say? Tell me about that 308 GT THP first.

Peugeot has given that ‘Lion’s nose’ bonnet a bit more, erm, growl by dropping the 175bhp engine from the 207 GTi into it. That means 0-62mph comes up in 8.3 seconds while the top speed is 140mph. Hardly headline-grabbing, but 180lb ft at only 1600rpm (or 195lb ft on overboost) means it should feel just as punchy as its younger brother.

As is customary these days, CO2 emissions have gone down compared to the 180bhp 307 the GT replaces. It’s a bit more economical too, returning 37.1mpg if you drive it nice and slowly.

This warm 308 looks quite aggressive though…

It does indeed. In addition to that in-your-face grille Peugeot has added bigger wheels, lowered suspension, a redesigned front bumper and a new rear spoiler. You can decide whether it’s delightfully aggressive or just OTT, but it’s certainly a big step forward over the 307.

Inside’s the same story too. The quality is considerably up over the 307, and in the GT you get a six-speed manual ‘box topped with an aluminium knob. The pedals also have aluminium facias, while the new sports seats should offer decent support. Expect prices to start at £19,000 when the car goes on sale in the UK in April 2008.

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And the SW – that just has bigger boot, right?

That’s what it boils down to. But the bigger boot can house two extra seats which can either be folded down or removed entirely. They won’t take two fully grown adults like a Land Rover Discovery can, but they will provide occasional seating for two kids.

With the two rear seats removed there’s 674 litres of space, but fold the second row and this goes up to a frankly enormous 2149 litres (although that’s measured up to the level of the roof). That space can be accessed via the rear glass tailgate, while the panoramic glass roof is now 27 percent larger compared to the 307 SW so those in the back don’t get claustrophobic.

The 308 SW goes on sale in the UK from June 2008, and expect to pay a small premium over the regular five-door hatch.