Peugeot 90X breaks cover

Published: 04 November 2010

Once a well kept secret in Peugeots Sport factory in Vélizy, near Paris, Peugeots new 2011, codenamed 90X, has been out and about for its first test at the Monza track.

While the 90X complies with the new ACO’s 2011 regulations, it still requires some considerable amount of work to be done to be ready for 2011.

So what’s changed?

A curvier windscreen and slight change to the nose but the biggest changes are the new fin leading from the cockpit to the rear spoiler, aimed to offer more down force and avoid flipping in the case of a high speed crash. The exhausts now appear out the top rear deck instead of the side.

‘We are still exploring several options with regard to the engine and technology we will use,’ points out Bruno Famin, the Technical Director of Peugeot Sport. ‘Work on the engine’s development is ongoing. Endurance racing is an ideal proving ground to provide us with the opportunity to showcase all the brand’s technologies.’ tells Bruno Famin, the technical Director of Peugeot Sport.