Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet (2007): first official pictures

Published: 07 May 2007

Something brisk for the summer, then?

Brisk indeed. Porsche’s new £106,180 Turbo Cabriolet arrives here in early September and is powered by the same twin turbo unit that’s found in the coupe. The all-alloy flat six develops a mighty 480bhp at 6000rpm. Fitted with Variable Turbine Geometry turbochargers – Porsche is only car maker to nailed this tricky bit of technology for petrol-fuelled engines – the 3.6-litre engine develops 457lb ft of torque that kicks in at 1950rpm and plateaus right through to 5000rpm. Opt for the Sport Chrono Turbo Package (£1015) and you’ll get an overboost function that bumps up torque to 502lb ft under acceleration. Frisky.

Wig-destroying acceleration guaranteed, then…

Absolutely. Buyers will have the choice of either a six-speed manual or £1961 Tiptronic S transmission, driving all four wheels through PTM, Porsche’s Traction Management. This hyper-responsive electronically controlled multi-plate clutch set-up can shift torque between axles in under 100milliseconds. The result is phenomenal all-wheel grip. Gunned from standstill, the manual will claw its way to 60mph in 4.0seconds (Turbo Coupe 3.9seconds), while the quicker Tiptronic S version takes just 3.9seconds (Turbo Coupe 3.8seconds). Both cabriolets top out at 193mph – one mile an hour faster than then Coupe, and return 21.9mpg on the combined cycle (Turbo Coupe 22.1mpg).

Is it a straight decapitation job?

Not quite. This is Porsche don’t forget – they don’t use tin openers in Stuttgart. To ensure the open-air version retains the same structural rigidity as the coupe, it’s fitted with a sizeable amount of high-strength steel tubing reinforcement in the sills, windscreen surround and in the automatically extendable rollover bars behind the rear seats. The result is a 70kg hike in kerb weight to 1655kg. Which sounds a bit lardy until you work out that’s its only 28kg heavier than VW's flagship V6 Eos…

It’s not the prettiest of things is it?

True. The current Turbo has been criticised for its fussy and ornate styling, and adding a big fat rump to swallow the roof – it stows away automatically in 20seconds - does little to improve the Cabriolet’s looks. But with near 200mph performance on tap, it’s unlikely the fashion police will be able to catch up with you. Some clever aerodynamic tweaks, including the speed-sensitive tail spoiler that extends 30mm further than the Coupe, means it cleaves through the air with the same 0.31Cd drag coefficient as the fixed head coupe. And one for the pub braggers, this – the Turbo Cabriolet is the only standard series convertible that generates negative lift at the rear axle. Standard equipment includes a vast array of safety and dynamic acronyms starting with P – PASM, PTM and PSM but no PMT – as well as bi-Xenon headlights, 19inch alloys, satellite navigation and a Bose Surround Sound System. And if you have just won the lottery, push the boat out with Porsche’s superb ceramic brake system, a snip at £5800... A proper sportscar or a chestwig chariot? Tell us what you think - just click on the Add Comment icon and start typing.

By Ben Whitworth

Contributing editor, sartorial over-achiever, HANS device shirt collars