Porsche Panamera Diesel gets power boost for 2014

Published: 02 September 2013

An updated Porsche Panamera Diesel was missing from the range when Porsche facelifted its plus-size super-saloon earlier in 2013. But don’t think Porsche had quietly dropped the most anti-purist model in its line-up. Stuttgart has in fact been tickling up a much more powerful, faster version of the oil-burning Panamera. Check out the figures below and tell us if you’d still choose a petrol version in the comments.

What are these amazing new Porsche Panamera Diesel numbers?

The Panamera Diesel still uses a 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel, but power has been lifted by a whopping 50bhp – that’s 20% more poke than the outgoing 250bhp version. So, it’s up to 300bhp, while torque has leapt up as well. Instead of the old car’s 405lb ft, the new car churns out 479lb ft, albeit over a narrow 1750-2500rpm torque curve.

How much faster?

You’ll reach 62mph 0.8sec faster than the old Diesel: six seconds dead. The top speed has crept up from 151mph to 161mph. Extra power isn’t the only reason for that slash in launch times. Porsche has shortened the eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox’s first four ratios for a keener getaway, while the car’s final drive ratio is longer for better cruising economy.

Does the economy suffer?

No – despite the turbodiesel running an extra 0.5bar of boost pressure. Claimed economy remains pegged at 44mpg, while CO2 emissions rise a smidge from 166g/km to 169g/km. Interestingly, Porsche states that the diesel-burning Panamera only makes up 15% of worldwide Panamera sales, showing the demand for thirstier V8s outside of Europe is still by far the biggest money-spinner.

Any other changes?

The new Panamera Diesel goes on sale in January 2014. UK pricing is yet to be confirmed, but with a starting price of €85,300. That converts to £72,000: almost £10,000 more expensive than the current 250bhp Panamera Diesel.

Stiffer anti-roll bars front and rear give a sportier feel, says Porsche, and the towing capacity is now up to 2600kg. Porsche actually recommends in its press material that the new Panamera Diesel ‘is better able to tow attachments like horse boxes than its predecessor.’

A Porsche towing a horsebox? Maybe it’s the Caravan Club’s next best tow-car? You heard it here first…

By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish