Radical goes digital: tech-packed SR3 XX launched

Published: 01 June 2020

 New Radical SR3 XX launched
 Uses latest solid-state data tech
 Sixth generation of Brit firm’s core model

British sports racing car firm Radical has revealed the latest version of its long-running, fast-lapping SR3 model.

The SR3 is claimed to be the world’s best-selling racing car, with more than 1200 cars sold in 40 countries since its introduction in 2002. 

For its sixth generation, Radical has upped the tech content, describing the new SR3 XX as its smartest car yet. 

What makes the Radical SR3 XX smart?

Motorsport electronics firm AiM Technologies has supplied a solid-state system to control the SR3’s power management and data logging – modern racing is built upon data, after all.

Compared with the previous-generation SR3 RSX, that means no conventional wiring loom and the ability to send, store and process that all-important data and telemetry more quickly and efficiently. Handily, it also weighs 65% less than traditional wiring. 

The SR3’s interior has been redesigned around a multi-function steering wheel (also supplied by AiM), similar to that of a high-level single-seater. 

‘The SR3  has always been a car that enables drivers, whether a seasoned professional or first-event rookie, to quickly, safely and confidently get up to speed on any track, and the new features of the SR3 XX make that process even easier,’ said Radical’s marketing manager Will Brown. ‘We are debuting electrical architecture previously only reserved for high-price LMP and GT race cars [but] in the SR3 XX this technology is easy to comprehend for everyone.’

What powers the SR3 XX?

As before, a choice of two Suzuki Hayabusa-based engines, in 1340cc or 1500cc displacement with 195bhp and 226bhp respectively (equating to 363bhp per tonne for the 1500cc XX). The exhaust system has been redesigned compared with the previous-gen SR3.

With the 1500cc engine, top speed is 147mph and 0-60mph done with in 3.1 seconds. As ever, the SR3 is more about cornering speed than straight-line pace, and the SR3 XX is capable of a neck-straining 2.3g in the twisties.

The rest of the car has evolved slightly too, with new lighting, mirrors and wing components.

Production is underway at Radical’s Peterborough HQ, with first deliveries later in summer 2020.

By James Taylor

CAR's deputy features editor, occasional racer