Renault Megane Coupe Concept

Published: 04 March 2008

What's new on Renault’s motor show stand?

The French maker’s star was its sleek new Megane Coupe Concept. A typical concept with novel split gullwing doors (dubbed dragonfly doors by the designers), seats that look like they’re straight from Ikea and cameras instead of door mirrors, its profile and design cues preview a forthcoming production model.

The production version of the Koleos SUV also made its debut in Geneva. Based around the mechanicals of the Nissan X-Trail it should be a competent drive. It looks well put together but that’s largely overshadowed by a shape that would raise eyebrows if it graced a Korean 4x4.

The 133bhp Twingo Renaultsport will doubtless have fun handling and its looks are an improvement on the base spec Twingo. But it still won’t give Fiat and MINI sleepless nights. The Laguna GT was Renault’s fourth new offering. It’s been graced with Renault’s grandly named ‘Action Drive’ four-wheel drive system, presumably in an effort to address criticism that the regular model doesn’t offer keen drivers enough.

CAR highlight

The front end of the Megane Coupe Concept proves the bland geekiness of the Koleos, Laguna and Twingo isn’t the last word in Renault design… thankfully.

What were they thinking?

Renault describes the Koleos as a crossover with a difference. It’s certainly that but being different isn’t always a good thing.

In a nutshell

If you went by Koleos alone you might think Renault had fallen into a design black hole. The Megane Coupe Concept proves otherwise. It’s sharp suited and
innovative without the love it/hate it features of the current Megane range.