Renault Megane: leaked official photos

Published: 03 September 2008

Renault had hoped to make a big splash with photos of its new Megane hatchback next week, but even La Regie can’t control the worldwide web. Another important new car launch, another leak. So here you are: Renault’s new Megane, available in slightly lower-res than our usual photos.

The full story will emerge next week with official details, but we do know there will be more differentiated three- and five-door versions this time round, plus a suite of other spin-offs in the fullness of time (including CC folding hard-top cabrio, estate and saloon).

Where’s the ass-shaking bustleback?

It seems the new Megane is another victim of the homogenising touch of the newly design-cautious Renault-Nissan partnership. We know Renault’s design boss Patrick le Quement has been briefed to iron out the more Marmite, love-it-or-hate-it idiosyncracies of Renault’s recent back catalogue. Which seems a bit of a shame, on the first evidence of these first photographs, which depict a more conservative Eurohatch.

We’ll come back to the new Renault Megane next week when we have the full official photographs and details to paint a full picture. But until then, why not compare this to the Megane Coupe Concept CAR saw at the Geneva motor show 2008…

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet