Renault Ondelios concept: first photos and video

Published: 10 September 2008

London motor show video

This is the new Renault Ondelios concept, a top-of-the-range environmentally friendly crossover vehicle that will be unveiled at the Paris motor show in October 2008. The Ondelios isn’t Renault’s first upmarket concept though, and we’ve seen posh production cars from the company before – remember the Vel Satis, the Avantime and the Safrane? None of them succeeded, but Renault persists…

Designed as a long-range cruiser, the Ondelios features a hybrid diesel powertrain, a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and dramatic gullwing doors. You can see them in action in our Renault-supplied footage in the video player on this page.

Just what is the Renault Ondelios all about?

The Ondelios has been designed to provide a serene travelling experience, says Renault. The body has been designed to look like a singular smooth shape, so the glass appears to merge seamlessly with the body panels. 

Renault also claims the Ondelios’s shape enhances the car’s other raison-d’etre: streamlined efficiency (and hence eco-friendliness). Those huge 23-inch aluminium alloys are designed to prevent turbulence and the car has been engineered to be a slippery as possible, boasting a drag coefficient of 0.29Cd. That’ll be why it looks like a fish then.

And this hybrid powertrain?

Power comes from a 202bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine, mated to two 20kW electric motors front and rear. The two electric motors provide extra boost when the car is accelerating, while the rear motor also drives the rear wheels, making the Ondelios four-wheel drive.

Mated to a seven-speed double-clutch transmission, the Ondelios is claimed to reach 62mph in 7.8 seconds, but only puff out 120g/km. Well, that’s what the computer simulations claim.

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This car is built for the long-haul – what’s special inside?

The emphasis is on comfort, with a ‘lounge-like’ cabin (Renault’s words) featuring fully reclining seats and a glass roof to flood the interior with light. There are three rows of seats, but seating for only six, who will get in and out via the huge gullwing doors. There’s also a fold-down step to ease entry.

The design is a far cry from anything that Renault might build in the immediate future, but there are hints of current and future Renaults in there. Those stacked air intakes either side of the basking shark grille mimic the new Megane’s, while their surrounds are also the indicators. The rear of the Ondelios also mimics the Megane Coupe Concept.

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