Subaru BRZ STi (2013) range-topping BRZ on the way

Published: 05 August 2013

Subaru has revealed teasing shots of the new BRZ STi. Almost two years after Subaru previewed the BRZ via the Concept STi (pictured, right), these new shots confirm a production version is on the way – though it’s unclear if it’ll be tuned-up performance version, or merely a fettled and bodykitted refresh.

Subaru BRZ STi: finally over the 200bhp mark?

Traditionally, Subaru’s STi models offer more power than their common-or-garden stablemates. However, the BRZ is unlikely to get a turbocharger conversion with heaps more power, after Toyota played down suggestions of a blown GT86, and its American-market offshoot, Scion, confirmed it had no plans to offer a turbo FR-S.

So, while it’s likely that the BRZ STi could get a slight bump up from the regular car’s 197bhp and 151lb ft, upgrades are instead likely to focus of suspension, braking and aerodynamic modifications.
Toyota offers a revised GT86 in the UK – the TRD, or Toyota Racing Development edition. It wears 18in tyres as standard, a bespoke bodykit, and badging trinkets inside, but no extra performance. At £31,495, it’s hard to justify the extra £6500 it costs over the standard GT86.

The 2011 BRZ Concept STi looks the business to us, with quad exhausts, extra rear ducting and a massive rear wing. Paint the wheels gold, keep the price sensible, and we might just forgive the lack of a generous brake horsepower boost, Subaru…

By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish