Subaru VIZIV Tourer concept makes debut in Geneva

Published: 06 March 2018

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Subaru has unveiled a striking yet practical concept car at the 2018 Geneva motor show – the Viziv Tourer.

Taking cues from previous concepts cars that ended up becoming the XV and Forester, the Viziv Tourer could well be what we can expect a next-gen estate car to look like – be it Levorg, Legacy or Outback.

Sharp styling but still spacious

The Viziv Tourer has been created under Subaru’s design philosophy of ‘Dynamic x Solid’ – so the usual suite of sharp creases, protruding arches and small windows are present and correct.

Rear view of the Subaru Viziv Tourer concept at Geneva 2018

In the metal it’s a striking thing, but will no doubt be toned down for production. However, if it retains the majority of the concept’s styling cues, it’ll be a sharp-suited thing.

Naturally, it’s aimed at existing Subaru customers (they’re a loyal bunch) as well as those chasing an active lifestyle. There aren’t any electric scooters packed into the boot though, just a generous cargo space (according to Subaru) and plenty of advanced driver assistance tech that should make it to future Subaru models under the existing Eyesight umbrella.

Familiar drivetrain

Unsurprisingly, the Viziv Tourer concept features a boxer engine and the company’s Symmetrical all-wheel drive system, both traditional Subaru hallmarks.

What a backside - this is an estate car concept Subaru can be proud of at the 2018 Geneva motor show

Obviously, the car isn’t production ready, but there’s something a little refreshing about a concept that features the kind of tech under the skin that’ll most likely make it to production.

When is this available?

Any other information on a production version of this car is a bit thin on the ground at the moment. But given Subaru’s commitment to producing cars that evoke ‘dynamic emotion’ from its customers by 2020, we should be seeing the real thing on the road relatively soon.

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By Tom Goodlad

Bauer Automotive's continuity editor and CAR contributor