Connect 4: Suzuki kei cars, CAR+ December 2015

Published: 07 December 2015

► The kei-car pioneers from Suzuki
► From pick-ups to roadsters - and everything in between
► The wonders of Suzuki's Special K skillset

Mini pick-up: Suzuki Mighty Deck concept (2015)

Japan’s ‘kei’ or microcars subscribe to strict rules on engine size and footprint, but beyond that, anything goes. Hence the new Mighty Deck, a tiny lifestyle pick-up. Sounds weird, but Suzuki has previous form with a production micro ute called the Mighty Boy. Quite.

Mini people carrier: Suzuki Wagon R (1993-present)

Suzuki Wagon R, the mini people carrier

A kei-car best-seller now on its fifth generation. The original 1993 Wagon R was among the first to use the ‘tall boy’ body design for extra interior space. The bigger, non-kei Wagon R+ (pictured) led a double life as the Vauxhall Agila.

Mini performance: Suzuki Cappuccino (1991-1997)

Suzuki Cappuccino, the mini performance car

Weighing 725kg and powered by a 63bhp 657cc three-pot turbo, this diminutive roadster hits 60mph in 8.0sec – which probably feels fast enough in something the size of a running shoe. 1100 were officially imported into the UK.

Mini motoring: Suzulight (1955-1969)

The Suzulight, mini motoring

Suzulight is the name Suzuki chose when it branched out from motorcycles to cars in 1955, creating a whole range to take advantage of the new Keijidosha (‘light car’) regulations. Suzuki has been a leading kei-car producer ever since.

By CJ Hubbard

Former CAR magazine associate editor, road tester, organiser, extremely variable average wheel count