Tesla Model S and X Performance get OTA update

Published: 28 April 2020

► Update for Model S and Model X
► But only the Performance models
► More repeatability and power

Tesla has just given the Model S and Model X a new upgrade, and it’s going to improve the performance of both EVs quite significantly. As you’d expect from Tesla, the upgrade comes in the form of an over the air software patch, but it makes significant improvements to the performance of both cars – and should put them more in line with competition from a certain Stuttgart-based manufacturer. 

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Update v2020.12.5 primarily deals with both performance and repeatability of that performance; the latter being one of the key technical advantages of the Porsche Taycan over the Tesla. 

Both cars have now got a peak power increase, more high-speed power above 80mph, and importantly increased thermal performance and therefore endurance. Thermal endurance of the powertrain is now three times better, which should mean more back-to-back 0-62mph sprints. Unfortunately, there are currently no figures showing how the new updates makes the cars, though… 

Tesla has also made this performance more accessible, too: UI tweaks mean max power features should be easier to navigate to via the cars’ huge touchscreen, and it’s even easier to engage launch control. The latter mode also has a new feature, upon starting the launch control procedure, the front axle will lower.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast