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The quickest car in the world? That’ll be the new Tesla Model S P100D – UK specs and pricing confirmed

Published: 25 August 2016

► New P100D upgrade confirmed by Tesla
► Available on Model S and Model X
► Elon Musk claims 0-60mph of just 2.5sec

With all the inevitability of Moore’s Law, Tesla has announced an upgrade to further boost the performance of its Model S and Model X electric cars. And the new P100D’s spec means that Tesla is, rather incredibly, able to claim dibs to the world’s fastest production car.

The new Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode offers a 0-60mph promise of just 2.5 seconds. Until the Bugatti Chiron’s time is officially confirmed (Molsheim merely says ‘less than 2.5sec, for now) that makes the Tesla EV the quickest car around, the EV manufacturer claims. You have been warned…

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Tesla P100 D upgrade: the stats

Company founder Elon Musk confirmed the new battery pack would boost both range and performance on the all-electric saloon and crossover. The raw figures are as follows:

  • Model S P100D 2.5sec 0-60mph, 381-mile (NEDC) range
  • Model X P100D 2.9sec 0-60mph, 336-mile (NEDC) range

The 100kWh battery pack is notable as much for the extraordinary claimed range as the additional performance. Musk boasted that no other EV had ever attained a range of more than 300 miles.

P100D battery pack also available with Tesla Model X

Just remember that those 0-60mph times, and battery ranges, are estimates – and have yet to be independently verified.

UK prices and specifications

The Model S P100D and Model X P100D are available to order in the UK now, and you can check out what’s offer at Tesla’s website. The key details are as follows:

Tesla Model S P100D: £114,200, 2.5sec 0-60mph, 1.2sec 45-65mph, 155mph top speed, includes Ludicrous Speed Upgrade and Smart Air Suspension

Tesla Model X P100D: £117,200, 2.9sec 0-60mph, 1.4sec 45-65mph, 155mph top speed

Tesla has also confirmed that anybody with a P90D Ludicrous on order can upgrade to the P100D Ludicrous for a premium of $10,000 (around £7600).

Existing owners will have to stump up double that, as their old 90kWh battery pack will have to be recycled. Welcome to the new world order…

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By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet