New 2022 VW Amarok pick-up goes tech heavy

Published: 28 April 2022

► First official pics of all-new VW Amarok Mk2
► Fake spy shots show camoed bodywork
► Based on Ford Ranger, on sale summer 2022

More information has been released about the forthcoming second-generation Volkswagen Amarok. As the German brand builds up to a summer 2022 launch, VW has finally released real pictures of the new Amarok pick-up, and even if it is camouflaged that’s at least an improvement on the design sketches shown previously.

Volkswagen has also revealed a smidgen more about design changes and announced a slew of driver assist technology. This, according to VW, is going to set new standards for the pick-up segment.

The Mk2 Amarok is based on the same architecture as the Ford Ranger, but Volkswagen claims there will be enough of the brand’s DNA built-in to mark the Amarok out.

All grown up

The new photos show that the new Amarok’s boxy wheel arches remain, now joined by the full-width grille that is a staple of current VW models.

New VW Amarok, front view, disguised

The black and white styled wrap-of-disguise betrays an exterior design more grounded in reality than the original sketches with their cartoon-like detailing, however. The oversized and aggressive off-road tyres, long-travel suspension and ungainly bonnet scoops have translated to something more conventional, albeit stylish.

Though the bodywork overhangs are shorter, set to make off-roading easier, there’s a 10cm gain in the body length overall. VW had already confirmed that a Euro pallet (the standard measure of loadbay for commercial vehicles) will fit in the loadbed between the wheel arches.

The all-new Amarok is also going to be capable of greater payload; 1.2 tonnes in the loadbed and 3.5-tonnes towing capacity – the latter something the previous model could never manage.

Engine choices

Engines are sized from 2.0 litres to 3.0 litres and four to six cylinders. There’s going to be a choice of one petrol and four diesels – though the total range may not be available in every market. Rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive will also be offered, the former likely to be limited to entry-level models only.

New VW Amarok, rear view, disguised, driving off-road fast

Preconfigured driving modes and an impressive 30 driver assist features are also on the cards.

Five trim levels, including a choice of two range-toppers

Entry-level models will simply be badged Amarok (don’t expect to see many of these in the UK), with Amarok Life and Amarok Style stepping further up the ladder.

At the top of the range, buyers will be able to choose from variants with equal billing: Amarok PanAmericana is an off-road focused trim, while the Amarok Aventura is more dedicated to life on the road.

Inside, Volkswagen says comfort reigns supreme. With 17.5 more centimetres between the axles, the double cab is now more spacious – and it was hardly short of room before. Wide fronts seats can, for a price, be configured with electronic adjustment and VW claims the rear seats will accommodate three full-sized humans comfortably, too.

The new Amarok promises a high-quality, yet functional finish across digitised tablet-style displays and controls. What’s more, there’s an exclusive sound system available to complete the optional luxuries.

The new 2022 VW Amarok pick-up: why it’s based on the Ford Ranger

We already know what the new Ranger will look like thanks to official images published by Ford in November 2021. Now in its fourth generation and also due on sale in 2022, the new Ford Ranger borrows styling cues from the F-150 pickup and new Bronco SUV, while being wider than before and with a larger radiator grille.

New VW Amarok, dead-on front view, disguised

On paper, the product of a Ford and VW amalgamation should be a good thing. The current Ford Ranger is the UK’s best-selling 4×4 and is popular around the globe.

The new Amarok Mk2 will be built in Silverton in South Africa; the vehicle it replaces sold more than 815,000 examples.

By Cat Dow