New VW ID.5 electric SUV: it’s exactly what you think it is

Published: 03 November 2021

► VW reveals new all-electric ID.5
► It's a crossover SUV, obviously...
► Sleek looks, warm GTX version

VW's revealed its next ID electric car for Europe: the ID.5. And – wait for it – it's an ID.4 with a different roofline! Yes, the range of electric cars from Volkswagen wouldn't be complete without a coupe-SUV so here it is.

The new ID.5 arrives with three power options (one of which is the warmer GTX version already seen on the ID.4), and VW plans to get it on sale in the first few months of 2022.

Don't be so reductive...

But it is just that! Park this and an ID.4 next to each other and you'd struggle to see the difference until you get to the rear end. But VW says that's what people want – coupe SUVs are all the rage, so it was effectively a guarantee that one would join the range at some point.

VW says the ID.5 is sleek and smooth, with a drag co-efficient of 0.26. The sloping rear end has a small spoiler, while intricate rear LED lights have a 3D effect (again, like the ID.4's optional rear lights). The GTX version has its own DRL signature and mildly more aggressive body kit.

id5 group

Still, with the differing roofline, VW can claim a decent rear load area. The boot volume is rated at 549 litres, interestingly six litres more than the ID.4. However, that changes when you want to use all of the boot space with the seats down; the ID.5 can claim 1561 litres of total volume compared to the ID.4's 1655. Regardless, you don't lose a whole lot of luggage space even if you go for the slopier roofline'd ID.5.

I'd like some battery and performance specs, please

Every ID.5 comes with a 77kWh battery pack (unlike the ID.4 which also offers a 52kWh option) and three powertrain options: Pro, Pro Performance and GTX. Pro has a single 172bhp e-motor driving the rear wheels, sprints to 10.4 seconds to 0-62mph; Pro Performance ups that power to 201bhp and drops that sprint time 8.4 seconds; the GTX offers 295bhp from a motor on each axle and launches to 62mph in 6.3 seconds.

VW claims up to 323 miles for both the Pro and Pro Performance models and 298 miles for the GTX variant.

Anything different... at all?

Other than the slight design changes, not really. Clever matrix LEDs and an augmented-reality head-up display are an option, and the ID.5 has an efficiency assistant that manages brake regeneration on the fly depending on your speed and what's on the road ahead.

id5 interior

VW's augmented-reality head-up display: does it work?

Every ID.5 has a max charging capacity of 135kW, allowing speedy charging times – VW claims that around 280 miles of range can be added in just half an hour.

When can I buy a VW ID.5?

VW says it'll start rolling them out across Europe in 2022. Expect a small premium price-wise over an ID.4, which starts from £34,995.

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By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches