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New VW Golf Mk8 confirmed for summer 2019

Published: 22 January 2018

► New VW Golf Mk8 confirmed
► See next Golf launched in 2019
► Remains at heart of brand

Alongside the new ID family of electric vehicles, Volkswagen will have to continue building its core models too if it wants to retain market dominance - and none is more important than an all-new VW Golf

In a press release announcing a supplier summit to decide which companies will develop parts for the next-gen Golf, it was revealed that the first new VW Golf Mk8 will roll off the line 'in 75 weeks', pointing to a rough on-sale date towards the end of June 2019.

At present, Wolfsburg is firing out more than 2000 Golfs a day, which goes some way to showing just how important a part of its overall business the Golf badge is.

VW Golf Mk1-Mk7: the Volkswagen family hatchback silhouette through the years

More than 35 million have seen sold since the Mk1 went on sale back in 1974, and VW is pledging €1.8 billion (£1.6bn) investment in the Mk8 project. The official design sketch above details the evolving silhouettes of the Mk1-Mk7 Golfs, with their characteristically chunky C-pillar. Expect more of the same from the 2019 Golf.

What’s the new 2019 Volkswagen Golf going to be like? 

As you’d expect, details are scant at this point, but Karlheinz Hell, head of compact series group at VW and in charge of the next Golf, said: 'The next Golf will take Volkswagen into the era of fully connected vehicles with extended autonomous driving functions. It will have more software on board than ever before. It will always be online and its digital cockpit and assistance systems will be the benchmark in terms of connectivity and safety.'

It stands to reason we’ll see a drive towards more hybrid Golfs, as VW tries its best to lower fleet-wide CO2 emissions in the wake of dieselgate, and to comply with ever-strengthening air quality laws. 

More electric VW Golfs are coming

What about a Mk8 VW Golf GTI or Golf R? 

Given the success and notoriety of both brands, we’d be shocked if there wasn’t a GTI and R version of the Mk8 over the course of its lifecycle. They may well adopt to hybrid power, again to appease emissions regulators, but we’re optimistic that Wolfsburg will again show the world just how to do the everyman performance car. 

Given the push to electrify all cars in some way over the coming years, a new e-Golf is a near certainty and a plug-in GTE is expected too.

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By Gareth Evans

Contributor, historic racer and now running sister title Motor Cycle News's website